4 Kilos down, 6 more to go!

Fevre Dream - George R.R. Martin


It's been a rather unsuccessful month for weight loss until about a week ago. My weight had gone up as I had to go on a work retreat and went on a bit of a carb bender. I'm back on my cleaner diet now and have managed to lose the weight that I put on as well as the next kilo. Training is going well and I certainly feel a lot better so I'm sure the weight loss will soon follow.


Since I'm a complete book buying addict I can never pass up an opportunity to buy a new kindle book especially if it's a price drop. This is why I've swapped Fevre Dream for Clown Tear Junkies for this kilo. Also, because I bought Cruelty 1-5 I swapped that out as well, with a Jackie Collins novel, please no judgey, sometimes you just need to read something brainless, trashy and smutty.


Fevre Dream has been recommended to me on many an occasion (that would be Char, the rec guru) so I think I'm in for a great read once I find time to read it that is.


1 Kilo - Punktown: Shades  of Grey - Jeffrey Thomas (Bought)

2 Kilo - Lords of Twilight - Greg F. Gifune (Bought)

3 Kilo - Fangtooth - Shaun Jeffrey (Bought)

4 Kilo -  Fevre Dream - G.R.R. Martin (Bought)

5 Kilo - Clown Tear Junkies - Douglas Hackle (To replace Menagerie)

6 Kilo - All You Can Eat - Shane McKenzie

7 kilo - Weaveworld - Clive Barker

8 kilo - 14 - Peter Clines

9 kilo -  American Star - Jackie Collins (To replace Cruelty 1-5 which replaced Seabiscuit)

10 kilo - The Elementals - Michael McDowell (To replace The Bank Holiday Murders)