When We Fall by Peter Giglio

When We Fall - Peter Giglio

It's 1985 and 13 year old Ben has just attended the funeral of a boy he despised, he still grieves for his best friend who died the year before, they were inseparable and were obsessed with making 8mm movies. Ben soon strikes up a friendship with Aubrey Rose who agrees to help him make one of his 8mm movies. Ben is ecstatic that the friendship shows promise of leading to more but he starts to have strange dreams and once his movie is developed he sees something that will change their friendship forever.
This is a very dark coming of age tale, it isn't up til the last third of the novella that things start to come together and although I enjoyed it I felt it was a little rushed at the end. The characters were well developed for such a short read, Ben's character was especially engaging.
Of the two books I've read from this author I enjoyed Lesser Creatures more but he is definitely someone I will be reading more of in the future.