I Am The New God by Nicole Cushing

I Am the New God - Nicole Cushing

This is quite a disturbing story told through two characters, Greg and the Hierophant. The Hierophant believes that mentally disturbed college kid, Greg, is the new God and must complete 7 tasks to show that he is worthy of being so. Greg starts to receive letters from the Hierophant and gradually begins to believe that he may indeed be a God. As his belief grows, his mental stability decreases and he soon resorts to horrific violence to 'convert' his roommate into the new religion, once set on this path he decides to go meet the Hierophant in person.

Nicole Cushing places her readers right into the minds of two highly disturbed individuals, giving you insight into their actions. More worryingly it makes you question whether or not the things you are reading are true or if they are just the downward spiral of the mentally disturbed. Mind bending fiction that gives plenty of food for thought.