Elderwood Manor - Christopher Fulbright, Angeline Hawkes


Bruce and his young son arrive at Elderwood Manor after receiving a phone call from his mother. He and his son soon find that his childhood home hides some disturbing secrets.

This was a great little read, a haunted house story that also mixed in some occult themes.


The first part of the story ratchets up the tension as something seems to be making it's presence known in the house. There are some effectively creepy scenes and it's a shame that this feeling of dread didn't continue in the final third. This, for me, was where it got a little bit too action packed, the pacing was too fast to fully appreciate the creep factor and the evil entity fell a little flat.


Another stand out point of this read was the main character, his back story immediately got you rooting for him and the relationship he had with his son was very cute.