Ceremony of Flies by Kate Jonez

Ceremony of Flies - Kate Jonez

Kitty, a waitress, and Rex, her customer, find themselves on the run after Kitty believes she has killed her boss. Their road trip sees them stop off at a diner where things quickly get out of control and Kitty again resorts to violence, killing two customers. As they make their escape they decide to rescue a stranded boy and his dog but things don't go to plan and a car accident sees them stranded in the desert.

I had a hard time with this read, on one hand I enjoyed the writing but on the other, the story was very disjointed and hard to follow. The characters were really interesting, neither Kitty nor Rex gained much sympathy from me but their dialogue was entertaining, especially Kitty's caustic inner voice that narrated the goings on. Kitty's actions are pretty deplorable throughout the book and although there are some hints to past traumas, it's never fully explained, I felt this made her difficult to connect with as a reader.
The story is told through Kitty's pov only and it soon becomes clear that she is an unreliable narrator, this leaves you wondering how much of the story is just in her head and much is real. Short chapters are also used to punctuate the story with info on different topics such as Joshua Tree, Las Vegas, The Mayan Calendar, I'm sure this was to help readers connect to the story but more could have been added to highlight the religious themes.
From about the half way mark I really had no idea what the story was trying to say which was a shame as I did enjoy the authors writing. A trippy read that was good but missed the mark of being a great read.