Dark Father by James Cooper

Dark Father - James Cooper


Jimmy is an abusive husband and father, when his wife leaves him taking their son, he is determined to track them down.

Frank is heartbroken when his son is snatched, his marriage falls apart and he spirals into alcoholism to cope with the loss. When one day he spots his missing son he decides to assemble his family again, at any cost.

Mack is an elderly man who resides in a psychiatric facility, his disorder makes him see every person as 'Dark Daddy', soon his therapy begins to have major breakthroughs and he confronts his turbulent past.

3 storylines cleverly crafted, coming together at the end to an amazing conclusion. James Cooper has got some serious writing skills, no matter how much I tried to guess how it was going to end I couldn't predict the ending. I found myself unable to leave this book alone until it was finished, the pacing was absolutely spot on, fast enough to keep you turning the pages but steady enough so that you appreciate the characters and the storyline.
This is definitely going to be one of my favourites for this year. Roll on his next read.
Highly recommended.