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Way Overdue Reading Update for February, March & April



After staying away from Booklikes for a couple of months I'm now very behind on my reading updates. As with January, I've managed to knock a few off my TBR and up my novel/novella reading over the last couple of months. I'm a bit behind with my challenges but nothing too drastic that I can't catch up on.



Quality dropped a little bit for this month as most reads were 3/3.5*, there were a couple of solid 4* reads but nothing that really stood out.


Yearly reading challenge update (Feb) - 29/150


Read in Feb - 10

Audio - 1

Novel/novella - 6

Graphic Novels - 3








The Good Girls - Allison M. Dickson  Don't Need No Water - Evans Light  The Haunted - Bentley Little  




Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 2: v. 2 - Scott Lobdell,Fabian Nicieza,Christopher Golden,Jeff Matsuda,Cliff Richards,Various  Seeing Evil - Jason  Parent  




Invisible Fences - Steve Gilberts,Norman Prentiss,Keith Minnion  The Dark Man - P.A. Douglas  Dedication #1 - Michael Coast  Home Lighter Than Air #1 - Bill Jemas  






Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs 



A much better month regarding quality with a 5* read and several 4*


Yearly reading challenge update (March) - 37/150


Read in Feb - 8

Audio - 2

Novel/novella - 3

Graphic Novels - 3




The Wolf's Hour - Robert R. McCammon 






Sleep Disorder - Jack Ketchum,Edward Lee  Jurassic Park  - Michael Crichton  The Widow - Fiona Barton  Hollywood Wives:The New Generation - Jackie Collins  







Army Of Darkness: Furious Road #1 (of 5): Digital Exclusive Edition - Nancy Collins,Kewber Baal  Army Of Darkness: Furious Road #2 (of 5): Digital Exclusive Edition - Nancy Collins,Kewber Baal  Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story - Ed Brubaker,Matt Fraction,David Aja,Travel Foreman  



Fairly productive month with quite a few knocked off my Scribd TBR. Due to downsizing of their service and non communication I decided to cancel my subscription and am now looking to finish reading as many as possible before June. I have all my books downloaded so I hoping I can still access the books I 'paid' for even after June.


Yearly reading challenge update (April) - 53/150


Read in Feb - 16

Audio - 0

Novel/novella - 10

Graphic Novels - 6




That Damned Coyote Hill - Heath Lowrance The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein  







The Dirt: Confessions Of The World's Most Notorious Rock Band - Tommy Lee,Vince Neil,Nikki Sixx,Neil Strauss,Mick Mars,Tommy Lee  Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz  The Mole People Beneath the City - Evans Light  Surviving the Fittest - Jason  White  Season of the Wolf - Jeffrey J. Mariotte  Control #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Andy Diggle,Angela Cruickshank,Andrea Mutti  Control #2: Digital Exclusive Edition - Andy Diggle,Angela Cruickshank,Andrea Mutti  Grand Passion #1 - James Robinson,Tom Feister  The Line Unseen - Joe Hart  Header 2 - David G. Barnett,Edward Lee  Slither - Edward Lee  






Army Of Darkness/Xena: Forever…And A Day #1 - Scott Lobdell,Elliot Fernandez  Doc Savage: The Spider's Web #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Chris Roberson,Cezar Razek  Doc Savage: The Spider's Web #2: Digital Exclusive Edition - Chris Roberson,Cezar Razek  


Fairly good few months but I'm not cracking through my reads as I did last year. Work is still a total drain and I can't wait til I hand in my notice and finish up towards the end of the year. Bring on October.



Slither - Edward Lee

Slither - Edward Lee

The island of Pritchards Key is home to plenty of wildlife including a new strain of worm as well as several groups of people who are all on the island for different reasons. The scientists, Nora and Loren, are there to find a specific worm for the National Geographic to photograph, there are redneck brothers who are on the island to harvest their pot plants and military personnel who are conducting deadly experiments.
As the worms begin infecting people on the island, all hell breaks loose as each group becomes desperate to find a way off the island to safety. Nora and Loren try to find out more about this new strain as well as why the military are running surveillance on them. What they find out could spell doom for civilisation.
This was a great 'B' movie type read that was a lot more subdued in content that some of Lee's other work such as his backwoods horror series. There is still plenty of cringe worthy scenes full of disgusting gore and sex but they don't even begin to touch on the depravity of say, Bighead. The only thing that slightly spoiled the story was the overload of science talk about worms which got a little boring to be honest. The ending was nicely done with a nice twist.
The characters were fairly well done, the good guys were realistic and flawed enough to be believable, the bad guys were pretty despicable and it was easy to cheer when things went pear shaped for them.
Great fun and a slightly tamer Lee read for the uninitiated.

Header 2 - Edward Lee

Header 2 - David G. Barnett, Edward Lee

You can't take this type of fiction seriously as Mr Lee has his tongue planted firmly in his cheek telling this tale of rednecks seeking revenge on the mafia.
He also manages to introduce some very imaginative ways for folks to die and skitters well past the line of what is morally acceptable in story telling, be warned, sick, twisted and a lot of fun.

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein

Enzo is not like other dogs, he loves race car driving, loves watching t.v and is convinced that he will be reincarnated as a man after he dies. On the eve of his death, Enzo looks back over his life, chronicling his adventures with his master, Denny and the highs and lows of their time together.

I loved so much about this book but most of all I loved Enzo, he is so loyal to Denny you love him for that alone. His insights into human life are humorous and sometimes it seems he's the only one who sees situations clearly.

The story itself was very easy to get lost in and I found myself cheering characters on, becoming teary when tragedy struck or angry when Denny was being pushed to his absolute limit. This read highlighted not only the best of human (and dog) behaviour but also the ugliest. I laughed out loud when Enzo got his revenge on one of the grandparents, be warned that feeding a dog a spicy hot pepper will have serious repercussions for your carpet.

Overall this was a fantastic read; engaging, thoughtful, realistic with wonderful characters and one hell of a dog. Be warned though, you'll need lots of tissues.

The Line Unseen - Joe Hart

The Line Unseen - Joe Hart

Tim suspects his wife is having an affair with a construction worker. He decides to confront the man with the help of his two friends and his attempt at teaching the man a lesson take a tragic turn that comes back to haunt him.
Unsettling short story that had me second guessing where the author was taking it, certainly not where it went. Another story that does a lot in a small amount of pages and does it well.

Season of the Wolf - Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Season of the Wolf - Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Alex Converse is a documentary film-maker who has traveled to Silver Gap to shoot a story on environmental issues. Whilst there, several wolf attacks occur as well as the disappearances of several woman. Alex becomes involved in the town's efforts to stop the attacks but the wolf's become emboldened and the townspeople find they are the hunted not the hunter.
There was a lot going on in this story and whilst a lot of it worked for me there were also plenty of unanswered questions on how everything was tied to the story. I thought the main character, Alex, was a decent enough guy but his environmental discussions became too self righteous at times. The parts that were almost supernatural in the story were good but should have been given more time to develop more. The serial killer side of the story was also good and provided some tense scenes but the ending to that was very anti-climatic, personally I would have enjoyed the wolf's to deal with the killer. Lastly, the wolves part of the story wasn't really explained, at all. It was never made clear why they suddenly started attacking and again whilst there were some great scenes with the wolves, the ending felt very anti-climatic.
The characters were fairly engaging, there were several that featured prominently in the story and there were several scenes, especially the husband and wife cabin scene, that were really well done and had me rooting for them to come through. Robbie was probably my favourite character but i felt that more could have been done with her.
The pacing was fairly fast and I thought the author's writing was excellent. My only real issues were that some aspects of the story needed more explanation and that the ending just fizzled out.

Surviving the Fittest - Jason White

Surviving the Fittest - Jason  White

Charlie and his sister have so far managed to survive the zombie apocalypse even though Charlie is only 15 and his sister is mentally handicapped. They have been fortunate to meet up with decent people until that is they come across Chuck and his group. Chuck is contemplating killing them before a zombie horde descend on them and they find an ally in one of the group. As the night continues Charlie sees what Chucks true intentions are towards him and his sister and he is pushed into taking decisive action.
I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this, it's very short at just 28 pages but the author has successfully managed to write a very likeable lead in Charlie. There were a couple of times that the writing felt a little awkward but for the most part the story was smoothly written and well paced.
One small niggle was that the ending felt a bit abrupt but for such a short read that's not a big complaint.
A good survival story that shows the depravity of man is still more terrifying than the undead.

That Damned Coyote Hill - Heath Lowrance

That Damned Coyote Hill - Heath Lowrance
Three hustlers have come to Coyote Hill to scam the towns inhabitants with a boxing match, unknown to them a rider, Hawthorne, is following them. He is intent on seeking revenge on the men for taking the life of someone he loved. When he confronts them at the fight, killing one and setting off a chain of events that sees a local being taken hostage, he is unaware that the town has a secret that will see all three men wish they had never ventured into Coyote Hill.
Engaging short story that is well written, has interesting and well fleshed out characters and is creepy enough that it left a lasting impression. The author is someone I would definitely read more of.

The Mole People Beneath the City - Evans LIght

The Mole People Beneath the City - Evans Light

Effective short story that has a unsurprising but decent twist to it. The writing is engaging and the author managed to do a lot in just 20 pages. The small amount of detail offered about the mole people was enough to make me curious about what happens in their city.
Interesting story and lead character that I wished had been a little bit longer.

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz
Odd Thomas is a young, short order cook with special psychic abilities. When a stranger arrives in the town of Pico Mundo, Odd notes a upsurge of other worldly 'bodachs' and knows that something horrific is about to happen. Using his abilities, he must now figure out what it is and how he can stop it.
This is the first Koontz novel I've read for several years and whilst it took me a while to get through it I found it really enjoyable. Odd is a charmingly peculiar character, a good man who wants to always do the right thing. The supporting characters all felt very well fleshed out and added a lot to the overall story.
The story is fairly straight forward with some satisfying twists and turns, whilst this wasn't an extremely fast read for me this was more to do with my reading habits then anything wrong with the story.
Nicely paced with a likeable protagonist, I would recommend this for those that like paranormal thrillers.

Sleep Disorder - Jack Ketchum & Edward Lee

Sleep Disorder - Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum

I'd Give Anything For You - Roderic is desperate to show Clare how much he wants her back, so desperate he would give her anything to prove his love. Gory start to collection with a heavy dose of sex thrown in.

Love Letters From the Rain Forest - Great revenge story, a bit slow to get started but nice twist at the end.

Masks - Uninteresting story about a couple that likes to wear masks whilst having sex. Pretty pointless and doesn't go anywhere.

Eyes Left - Three friends spend happy hour checking out woman, identifying the living from the dead in the new world order. Enjoyable story that incorporates different stories around zombies being part of society and has a particularly nasty ending.

Sleep Disorder - A slimy stock broker starts to have problems with his sleep, he's mortified to find out he talks in his sleep. Since he has spent his life screwing people over he is worried about saying anything incriminating. He records himself and plays it back with interesting results.

Good seeing you - a rought draft of Sleep disorder with a different ending.
I would do anything for you - a rought draft of I'd give anything for you which includes more sex if that can be believed.

Enjoyable short story collection that features some very strong woman and some very nasty people get their come uppance in grand style.

January 2017 Reading Round up


I've had a pretty good start to the year in terms of reading. I managed to keep the graphic novels to a minimum, got a few knocked off my tbr and upped my audiobook usage this month.

In  terms of consistency most books I read were of an adequate quality with only 1 read that I would really disappointing. Most ratings were 3.5 - 4* which is pretty good.


Here's a break down of what I read.


Yearly reading challenge update (Jan) - 19/150




Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than A Man (Vision (2015-)) - Mike Del Mundo,Gabriel Hernandez Walta,Tom King  Vision Vol. 2: Little Better Than A Beast (Vision (2015-2016)) - Mike Del Mundo,Gabriel Hernandez Walta,Tom King,Michael Walsh  




Psycho - Robert Bloch,Paul Michael Garcia  Memory Lane: A Short Story (The Cassandra Quinn Series Book 0) - Kealan Patrick Burke  Lily and the Octopus - Steven Rowley,Michael Urie,Simon & Schuster Audio  




Deck the Halls: A Christmas Horror: War on Christmas #2 - Edward Lorn  Suicide Squad Vol. 2: Basilisk Rising - Geoff Johns,Fernando Dagnino  The Girl from the Blood Coven - Brian Moreland  Charlotte's Web - E.B. White,Garth Williams,Rosemary Wells  The Gunslinger - Stephen King  Dog Years 1: Moreau Labs - Thom Brannan,D.L. Snell  The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater,Fiona Hardingham,Steve West,Scholastic Audio  




Babylon Terminal - Greg F. Gifune  Death Moon - Sandy DeLuca  Emma - Jane Austen,Juliet Stevenson  Unsaid: A Novel - Neil Abramson,Angela Brazil,Hachette Audio  Who Goes There? (RosettaBooks into Film) - John W. Campbell  




Donut Does It - David Hudnut  Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - James Bolam,Roald Dahl  


Comics/graphic novels - 3

Books - 9

Audiobooks - 7


TBR - 1363


Feb reading goals


  • knock 10 off TBR
  • 5 of which should be graphc novels
  • Listen to 3 audiobooks
  • read 2 arcs and review


Hope everyone has had a great start to the year with their reading. 


On a personal note I have bitten the bullet and decided that this is going to be my last year in Australia. I will be back home in chilly Scotland by the middle of December. This year will no doubt go whizzing past and be pretty stressful as I get my place ready to sell and for the big move back overseas.

I'm very excited about my decision but I'll be sad to leave Australia, a place where I've had a pretty nice life over the last 15 years.



Who Goes There?

Who Goes There? (RosettaBooks into Film) - John W. Campbell

An Antarctic research crew finds unfriendly alien, kills it only to find it can't really be killed.

I love the movie The Thing, a fantastic sci fi horror that oozed paranoia and gore. This just didn't live up to the movie. It was still an interesting read but I didn't get any closure at the end, the flow of the book felt stilted and dialogue forced. There was also too many characters to concentrate on in such a short read and it got a bit confusing trying to keep everyone straight.

Enjoyable enough especially nearer the end but overall disappointing.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - James Bolam, Roald Dahl

I really wanted to love this as I had with the first book but it was not to be. The plot was just a hot mess with the elevator going too high and into space. The plot with the first space hotel was baffling and the narrator, whilst doing a great job with most of the voices, really started to annoy me when he was doing the president and his aides.

It did settle back into something resembling a story half way through when they returned to the factory but by then I was finding it hard to really care too much.



Unsaid: A Novel - Neil Abramson, Angela Brazil, Hachette Audio

I thought this had a great premise, a newly deceased vet, Helena, watches over her lawyer husband David, friends and pets whilst they cope with their loss. Helena's friend, J.C, asks David to take on a case involving a chimpanzee used for research, Cindy. Cindy can sign and J.C wants her recognised as a non human person and not put back into the pool of chimps used for research where she will most likely die. A difficult case and one where David learns a few home truths about his wife, friends and animals.
I was really expecting this to be a much more emotional read and whilst I did wipe away a few tears it all felt a little anticlimactic by the end. I enjoyed Helena's stories of how she met people in her life through their pets, bonding over the loss of a beloved animal but towards the end I felt the writing was emotionally manipulative without managing to draw me into the situation enough.
I listened to this through Scribd audible and I thought the narrator wasn't that great, perhaps the read would have had more impact with someone different.
An interesting premise that didn't quite deliver enough.

Entire Charley Davidson Series on Sale!!

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones Eighth Grave After Dark  - Darynda Jones The Dirt on Ninth Grave - Darynda Jones Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones

All of the series is on sale for $2.99 or under.


I've bought up to the fifth book, just wondering if I should pick up any more since they're on sale. Any thoughts???


Link here - Charley Davidson Series

Currently reading

Serial Killers Uncut by J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn, Blake Crouch
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